Ensight video LIVE!

Hey all!

So, the video I animated for Ensight is up on their website, so I think it's safe to share it here. ;)

Explainer video by Blinktower

Go check it out! 

It was quite a fun video to animate. I mean, c'mon, it's got a pterodactyl in it! SQWAAAA!!!

(no, not THAT one!)

On the life side of things, work is still awesome, deadline stress and all. But show me an animator who doesn't have stress, and I'll show you a lazy, probably unemployed animator...who married into family money. (It'll will be the same person as mista No-Stress.)

Gosh darnit! Why couldn't I marry into family money? One day, kiddo, one day. ;)

Also, I've got a Google+ account now, and will probably, slowly but surely, move from Facebook, to G+.

Speaking of social media websites, feel free to follow me on Twitter! I mostly ramble on about nonsense, but for every 50 nonsense tweets, there's 1 that will either make you chuckle, leave you shocked or even make you think.

Deep stuff!

So, I'm signing off, work is waiting.


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