Is it summer yet?


I can't wait for summer! We keep getting sample bites of it, and then -  


The clouds decide to pee all over it. 

Old art is old.

At least it's almost Spring time. 

Have a super day!



More Old Art

This will always be a personal favourite.
How my drawing style has changed.

This is right after I decided to get out of the horror that is Anime.

Best thing I could have done.

I was still trying to find my stride with the style. Failed.



Maybe one day...

I'll actually get around to finishing a drawing.

It's been too long, I miss drawing.

Which is weird, because I'm currently drawing at work, but it's not the same. 
I feel the need to finish up some personal stuff, but when I get home (and I'm done sweating it out at the gym) the last thing I want to do, is switch on the ol' PC and draw. 

I guess this is where time management comes in, but where will fun and social activities fit in?


Even though this was a short week, it feels longggg and dragged out. 

BUT - Enough of the emoness, on to some good news. 

I've received my contract for permanent employment at the Tower, and that feels AMAZING! 

I truly love working here, I'm learning so much about the business side of things and the industry. Feels good man, feels good. 

* * *

Today I'll leave you with some more old art. 

A model sheet I drew a while back. 



A Crofty Obsession

So, being the uber geek that I am,
I am quite the fan of computer games. 

And no game appeals to me more, than the awesomeness that is "Tomb Raider".

What's not to love? 

Puzzles, guns that never run out of ammo, a kick-ass female lead, thrills, chills and let's not forget about the random dinosaurs. 

(It's always fun killing the T-rex!)

She's so bad-ass!

I've run out of Tomb Raider games to play, what with the new one only being released next year (Yes, I've already pre-ordered it) so now I'm at the point where I'm replaying all the old games.

(They did not age well)

Currently busy with Angel of Darkness, however, I'm finding it hard to actually finish the game. Probably the worst game in the Tomb Raider series.

Even playing The Sims seems more appealing. 


I can't wait for the new release!

Speaking of the new game, have you seen the trailer for it? Looks amazing! 

Not crazy about the new voice actor

* * *

So, I guess I'll go check on my renders now, but I'll leave you with a drawing of Lara I drew sometime last year.

Drawing by Liza K 2010 - 2011

Have an awesome day,


Old art is old...

...but I still love it!

Mike, Mary and Joe: SkullAHHH (c) 2008 - 2011 Liza Kotze

These are some of my brain babies.

I've been plotting and writing and drawing and brainstorming up a story for them since 2008.

The idea was originally intended for a web comic, but now that the plot has actually developed into something substantial, I'm rather keen on animating it. 

Notice how my drawing style is constantly changing? 

Maybe one day, I'll actually get around to doing it.


* * *

In the pipeline, is this quick pic I'm drawing of some of my original characters, Frank and Ratty.

(Coming up with original names for characters, is not one of my strong points in life)

Still needs some decent line art and colours.

So I'll leave you with this question; what's up with me and giant eyebrows? 

'Till next update, 

Liza K