Maybe one day...

I'll actually get around to finishing a drawing.

It's been too long, I miss drawing.

Which is weird, because I'm currently drawing at work, but it's not the same. 
I feel the need to finish up some personal stuff, but when I get home (and I'm done sweating it out at the gym) the last thing I want to do, is switch on the ol' PC and draw. 

I guess this is where time management comes in, but where will fun and social activities fit in?


Even though this was a short week, it feels longggg and dragged out. 

BUT - Enough of the emoness, on to some good news. 

I've received my contract for permanent employment at the Tower, and that feels AMAZING! 

I truly love working here, I'm learning so much about the business side of things and the industry. Feels good man, feels good. 

* * *

Today I'll leave you with some more old art. 

A model sheet I drew a while back. 


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