Old art is old...

...but I still love it!

Mike, Mary and Joe: SkullAHHH (c) 2008 - 2011 Liza Kotze

These are some of my brain babies.

I've been plotting and writing and drawing and brainstorming up a story for them since 2008.

The idea was originally intended for a web comic, but now that the plot has actually developed into something substantial, I'm rather keen on animating it. 

Notice how my drawing style is constantly changing? 

Maybe one day, I'll actually get around to doing it.


* * *

In the pipeline, is this quick pic I'm drawing of some of my original characters, Frank and Ratty.

(Coming up with original names for characters, is not one of my strong points in life)

Still needs some decent line art and colours.

So I'll leave you with this question; what's up with me and giant eyebrows? 

'Till next update, 

Liza K

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