Moving Eye Candy

today's blog post will feature a couple of animations I have found on the web, 
that truly inspire me.

Well done animator friends, your work is magnificent! 

* * *

Meet Buck

3D meets a 2D feel that is pulled off so nicely, you can't help but LOVE it! 

(Even if you are the biggest hater gonna hate of 3D)

* * *

Studio Killers - Ode To The Bouncer

Cute, yet sexy character design,
 and also a nice integration of the different animation mediums and styles.  

* * *

Aachi and Ssipak - Awesome Fucker

The animation clip is from a Korean animated movie called 
Aachi and Ssipak.
The graphic song by MC Chris, isn't it just catchy? 
"Fail to forsee, that MC, is such an awesome f***er.."

* * *

I do believe that's enough for now, 
hopefully my next post will actually contain some of my own work.
In the meantime, here's one of the latests videos I animated at work. 

Go check out Where is my transport? 

and also

* * *

Ciao people, 
until next post!

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  1. I have that bouncer song stuck in my head now...

    And that Aachi and Ssipak video was really cool!