Pistol whipped

Friday Doodle

Work in Progress

Anatomy fail as usual. 


College Concept Art

Good Sunday merry folk!

Thought I'd share some concept art I did back in college for a potential 3D short.
We ended up doing a group project, instead of individual projects, so this never took off.

I love the secretary's design.

Happy weekend!




Evening folks!

I just finished a bit of animation for a work project, and I'm quite tired now. 
(Crazy, CRAZY tight deadline on this one)

But before I skip off to la-la land and hit club Duvet, HARD, I think I'll share some pictures with you. 

Javier Almazan drew me this awesome picture of one of my characters.


I freakin' LOVE the man's drawing style!
I am inspired!

Okay, I'm actually too tired now to continue this blog entry, 
so I'll just leave you with this picture I drew yesterday.

Some Pokemon fan art.

Peace out, 


Annual Leave and Doodles

it is holiday season,
for me at least.

And boy oh boy do I need it!

This has been a killer of a week with pressing deadlines, working overtime and some intense meetings.
But now it's all over, and I can look forward to a week of doing absolutely nothing!


Righto, let me share some great news, you might probably know this already if you follow me on twitter, but Blink Tower has won the international "Why Open Education Matters" competition.

I'm super proud of all of us. Francois, Graeme and I put a lot of work into it and it obviously paid off.
Go us!

>> Check it out here. <<

On a personal note, I've got some big plans to start animating something of my own very soon, so keep a look out for that. I'm excited!

So, while you all might be suffering from the Sunday Blues right now, I'm looking forward to sleeping in late tomorrow morning. ;) I just had to rub that in, sorry.

I'll leave you with a quick doodle I ended up splashing colour on, maybe it will chase the blues away.

Have an awesome week.

- Spoon


Noodle Doodles #01

Hi all!

What a start to the week! Makes me wish it was Friday already!

So, last Wednesday's Noodle Doodle topic was "Doodle your favourite game character."

The point of the exercise is just to get people drawing, it's easy to get caught up in work, and doodling something quickly is a great way to just relax and get some creativity back.

So here are some awesome doodles by some awesome people.  ;)

Minsc and Boo by Graeme Comrie

Batman by Floris Groenewald

Earthworm Jim by Dylan Wyndham Jones >> twitter - @dylanabanana

And BIG surprise, I doodled Lara Croft.

So, I hope more people will join in this week's Noodle Doodle.

Topic will be announced on Wednesday on my Facebook page.

Have a lovely day,




Noodles on your face


I have a Facebook Page now. Yay!

<<NoodleSpoon Facebook Page>>

I think I'll use it to host doodling sessions (Noodle Doodles) and then post all of y'all's cool drawings here, on the blog.

Don't worry, I won't claim your beautiful art is mine, I am not an "art thief". ;)
Credits and links all around! Exposure for everybody! 

I'll announce the "Noodle Doodle" topic every Wednesday on the FB page and host the "entries" on my blog every Friday. 

(And when I say 'doodle', I mean doodle, scribble, messy lines, or even fully coloured masterpieces...from space! Do whatever you want to, it doesn't have to be fancy, as long as you draw something.) 


Go LIKE the page and keep a lookout for tomorrow's Noodle Doodle topic. 

God's speed and happy drawing.

Liza - out!


Why Open Education Matters

UPDATE: By the way, this video won first prize!


This project really took it out of me.
Why, you ask?

Because I was "the lead" on this one. (It sounds a lot more impressive than it actually was.)

Stress City - Population, ME!

Luckily I had Graeme Comrie (Script) and Francois Schonken (Illustrator) at my side.

And the bosses played client, so they basically still directed it from the sidelines with their feedback.

Wait, so why am I complaining about this project?
Who knows, animators gonna moan.

The video is an entry in to the Why Open Education Matters video competition.

Seeing as though Blink Tower is an Explainer Video company, we thought it would be a good idea to enter. Explaining things is what we do best after all. :)

So yeah, check it out!

(And when voting goes live. you should totally vote for it too! If you want. :D)

And hey!

It's almost Friday, yay!

Have an awesome day, people!

Much lurv,



Sunday Doodle


the end of the weekend is upon us?

Here's my Sunday evening doodle - oh, how it reflects my mood.

Have a brilliant week people!



Character design - 2009

Good evening folks.

Found this old "start-of-a-character-sheet" in my ancient art folder.

It dates back to 2009, some or other college year, where Autodesk Maya was force-fed down my throat.

(Thank the heavens those days are over!)

The mistakes are plentiful, however, it's got some charm, so I decided to share.

Hang in there people, Monday is almost over!

Have an awesome evening,



Mocality TV ad

Hey readers!

So Blink Tower's Mocality vid is finally up and running on the web... and TV!

First TV ad I've ever animated, so I think it's all pretty, pretty cool.
(Not the first animation for TV, as I've work on some children's animated shows: Caillou and Florrie's Dragons)

This was also the first vid where I used a bit of character animation in After Effects, looking back - I would have gone about doing things differently.

I guess you never stop learning as an animator, or shouldn't stop.

Mocality by Blink Tower

And that's all I have to say today. :)

Have an awesome Sunday, people!



The Ancient Art of Ancient Art

Found my old "Art" folder on the ol' PC.

Here's some oldies I'll probably never finish,


 WARNING - It's a mess of stuff.

Good night people,



Friday Doodle

I'm in the mood to draw.

I don't usually enjoy drawing women, as I tend to draw their faces less expressive. 

But this was a quick and fun doodle.

Her face is a bit off, but I could be arsed to fix it now.  :)

Have a lovely weekend everybody.



Smile - Doodle

Thursday doodle.

I enjoy drawing expressive faces. 

However, I find that I mostly draw negative emotions, like anger, rage or fear.

So I decided to doodle a friendlier face today. 

Smile guys.



Startled - Doodle -

Just a Friday doodle.

Sometimes I need to take a break from drawing, by drawing.

Have an awesome weekend!



Sketch Dump

Hey ya'll.

Just some sketches. 

If you follow me on twitter, you've probably already seen all of these.

I don't ever seem to finish any personal drawings nowadays. 

Have a super spasm awesome day.



Splurge of Blog

let's jump straight into it.

The latest Blink Tower video is out on the interwebs, this one's for Mxit, Africa's largest social network.

I did the drawings and half of the animation.

This was a fun one to animate, loving our new toolkit! <3

You can check it out here!

Mxit by Blink Tower

* * *

On the drawing front, eish, I have no time for Photoshop nowadays. 

However, I can share this work in progress drawing with you.

It's far from done, and ignore the LOVELY corny floral border around it. 

It's a character I drew for a friend, a little too anime for my liking. 


* * *

Some final useless information, currently busy with a new show reel, oooh, exciting stuff!

And that's a wrap. 


TED and TEDx Explained

the company where I work, Blink Tower, made this KICK-ASS explainer
for TED and TEDx

You should totally watch and share it, if you haven't already. 
C'mon big guy, peer pressure never hurt anyone! 

It's also the first video done in our brand, spanking new toolkit. 

So, for this video, 
I drew most of the drawings, but the style was developed 
by my super talented boss. 

He also did the animation. 

And that's a wrap! 

I just thought blogging about this video, was a good idea.....
 worth sharing. 

Get it? 


Cheerio folks!


Shuttleworth Foundation Video

A while back, I FINALLY finished the explainer video for the 

I designed the tool kit for it, very first project I started when I joined 
so it was nice to finally get to animate it and see the final product. 

. . .

video by Blink Tower

Hmmmm, not much more to say today.