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let's jump straight into it.

The latest Blink Tower video is out on the interwebs, this one's for Mxit, Africa's largest social network.

I did the drawings and half of the animation.

This was a fun one to animate, loving our new toolkit! <3

You can check it out here!

Mxit by Blink Tower

* * *

On the drawing front, eish, I have no time for Photoshop nowadays. 

However, I can share this work in progress drawing with you.

It's far from done, and ignore the LOVELY corny floral border around it. 

It's a character I drew for a friend, a little too anime for my liking. 


* * *

Some final useless information, currently busy with a new show reel, oooh, exciting stuff!

And that's a wrap. 

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