Why Open Education Matters

UPDATE: By the way, this video won first prize!


This project really took it out of me.
Why, you ask?

Because I was "the lead" on this one. (It sounds a lot more impressive than it actually was.)

Stress City - Population, ME!

Luckily I had Graeme Comrie (Script) and Francois Schonken (Illustrator) at my side.

And the bosses played client, so they basically still directed it from the sidelines with their feedback.

Wait, so why am I complaining about this project?
Who knows, animators gonna moan.

The video is an entry in to the Why Open Education Matters video competition.

Seeing as though Blink Tower is an Explainer Video company, we thought it would be a good idea to enter. Explaining things is what we do best after all. :)

So yeah, check it out!

(And when voting goes live. you should totally vote for it too! If you want. :D)

And hey!

It's almost Friday, yay!

Have an awesome day, people!

Much lurv,


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