Annual Leave and Doodles

it is holiday season,
for me at least.

And boy oh boy do I need it!

This has been a killer of a week with pressing deadlines, working overtime and some intense meetings.
But now it's all over, and I can look forward to a week of doing absolutely nothing!


Righto, let me share some great news, you might probably know this already if you follow me on twitter, but Blink Tower has won the international "Why Open Education Matters" competition.

I'm super proud of all of us. Francois, Graeme and I put a lot of work into it and it obviously paid off.
Go us!

>> Check it out here. <<

On a personal note, I've got some big plans to start animating something of my own very soon, so keep a look out for that. I'm excited!

So, while you all might be suffering from the Sunday Blues right now, I'm looking forward to sleeping in late tomorrow morning. ;) I just had to rub that in, sorry.

I'll leave you with a quick doodle I ended up splashing colour on, maybe it will chase the blues away.

Have an awesome week.

- Spoon

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