Noodle Doodles #01

Hi all!

What a start to the week! Makes me wish it was Friday already!

So, last Wednesday's Noodle Doodle topic was "Doodle your favourite game character."

The point of the exercise is just to get people drawing, it's easy to get caught up in work, and doodling something quickly is a great way to just relax and get some creativity back.

So here are some awesome doodles by some awesome people.  ;)

Minsc and Boo by Graeme Comrie

Batman by Floris Groenewald

Earthworm Jim by Dylan Wyndham Jones >> twitter - @dylanabanana

And BIG surprise, I doodled Lara Croft.

So, I hope more people will join in this week's Noodle Doodle.

Topic will be announced on Wednesday on my Facebook page.

Have a lovely day,



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